karenashhh vs. maradona vs. elvis
i see God in birds and satan in long words

Jena Malone by Zoey Grossman.


Why I Cry - Best Coast


meeting again for the first time - poison the well

one of my unfulfilled dreams, seeing this band live


Gwen Stefani goes on a shopping trip in Los Angeles, 19th October 2014.

Claudia Schiffer……timeless classic….. via Reddit

Leave it to me,
I remain free from all the comforts of home,
And where that is,
I’m pleased as piss to say,
I’ll never really know

One of these days,
it’s gonna catch up to you.

Throwing looks like those around.
One of these nights,
I promise to you,

I’ll soon be sleeping sound,
As soon as I leave town.

(Source: flesh-mechanics, via thebestoftimesendoftimes)

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